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Multimedia Nusantara University Informatics Engineering Study Program invites students to understand how digital applications work. This is important to teach because nowadays, almost all businesses build digital applications to support their business performance.

The learning materials provided by the Informatics Engineering Study Program are always up-to-date, because UMN is committed to being a campus that prioritizes technological and media innovation. The UMN Informatics Engineering Study Program focuses on student learning on artificial intelligence (Artificial Intelligence), Soft Engineering, and Cyber ​​Security.

Lecturers of Informatics Engineering who are professionals and have expertise in these fields, will equip their students with in-depth knowledge of the world of informatics. UMN also has various laboratory facilities that can be used by students to better understand the learning being carried out, so that there is a balance between theory and practice.

This was felt by one of the alumni of the 2014 UMN Informatics System, Astrid Tamara. Astrid admitted that she got a lot of knowledge which was also facilitated in the UMN laboratory.

“I learned a lot from software engineering to practice in the laboratory. The final project of making applications is given in groups, this trains collaboration and the application of real knowledge. I got experience working at a start-up called KodeFox under the guidance of Skystar Ventures while working on my thesis and preparation for my master’s degree. This experience was the beginning of my career in IT,” said Astrid.

Now, Astrid works as Environment Technology at Tokyo Denki University, Japan. This proves that the provisions he has while studying at UMN can not only be applied in Indonesia, but can be used in any country.


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