4IR Technical Center


Universitas Multimedia Nusantara (UMN) and Silla University Korea with the funding from KOICA (Korea International Cooperation Agency) will establish 4th Industrial Revolution Technical Center (KOICA-Silla-UMN Project) at UMN campus in Tangerang. The technical center will provide training for university students in Cloud-Big Data and Smart Factory


4th Industry Revolution Technical Center

Any prospective graduate or graduate of a university with Indonesian citizenship is welcome.

Smart Factory

Process management and operation technology learning in intelligent factories optimized for P (production), Q (quality), C (cost), and D (delivery) by collecting, storing, and utilizing digital data from manufacturing processes with ICT and IoT.

Cloud/Big Data

Cloud/Big Data : The process of learning skills related to Cloud platform service (Azure, AWS) and Big data analysis using R, Python and cloud/machine learning

Industry Practice Lesson

A class to learn the practical content of the industry-request corresponding to each course. Living lab. & hands-on learning to be used directly by associated companies

SW-based training.

Smart manufacturing process management, operation technology training


Getting a job at related company


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