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To Become a Leading University in The ICT Field

Universitas Multimedia Nusantara becomes an outstanding university in ICT at both national and international levels, which produces graduates that are internationally-minded and highly competent in their field equipped with an entrepreneurial spirit and noble character.

To participate in educating the nation and to promote the welfare of the nation through providing higher education by implementing Tridarma Perguruan Tinggi (University’s three main purposes) (Education, Research, and Society Services), in order to improve quality of human resources of Indonesia.

Focusing on Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Indonesia had ample opportunity to develop ICT for the main capital to develop ICT is creativity. ICT experts in Indonesia are still few and the ICT companies need them a lot. Focusing on ICT, UMN arranges the ICT-based curricula for all programs. UMN students are provided with knowledge about and orientation to the development of ICT in order for them to be ready to face the changes, or even to make the changes.

Set A Plan, Start Learning and Unlock Your Potential

Universitas Multimedia Nusantara’s online registration has certain procedures that matches your criteria accordingly.

UMN does not only educate the students to be ready to become professionals or researchers, but it also educates them to be ready to become entrepreneurs in technology, called technopreneur. UMN offers business incubator Skystar Ventures program that aims to prepare the students to be formidable entrepreneurs. Guided by well-experienced mentors, the students are prepared to run a business, even since they are still students.

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