4IR Technical Center

4IR Technical Center

Future Promising 4IR-Related Courses

Covering ‘Smart Factory, Cloud and Big Data’ curriculum, which is a promising future industry related to the 4th industry.

High Employment Rate

4IR Specialized Skills Education

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2021 4IRTC

4th Industrial Technology! The Technology of Certainty!

Number of recruitment students

NoCoursesThe number of students
1Smart Factory30Details
 2Cloud/Big Data30Details
  • Indonesian citizens, University prospective graduates or graduates are eligible.
  • Female students and vulnerable groups are prioritized

UMN's 4IRTC Student Benefits

  • Experience 4IR (4th Industrial Revolution) specialized technical training for all incoming students
  • A large training center, including the latest equipment
  • Dedicated labs for each courses
  • The training by professional instructors for each course.
  • Access to an online lecture program to respond to post-COVID.
  • 4IR Technology Employment Briefing
  • Employment arrangements for the companies related to the fourth industry
  • Site Visit Hyundai Motor in Tangerang and Korean companies in Indonesia

4IRCT is different!

Shift education focus from “Theory, Lecture room, Specialty“ to “Practice, Field experience (mandatory field practice), SW base”

Expansion of laboratories and equipment related to technology of the 4IR

Reducing poverty and improving the quality of life in developing countries, improving the human rights of women, children, the disabled and youth, realizing gender equality, realizing sustainable development and humanitarianism, promoting economic cooperation and friendly cooperative relations with partner countries, and promoting the international community Contribute to peace and prosperity.

Smart Factory

Process management and operation technology learning in intelligent factories optimized for P (production), Q (quality), C (cost), and D (delivery) by collecting, storing, and utilizing digital data from manufacturing processes with ICT and IoT.

Cloud/Big Data

Cloud/Big Data : The process of learning skills related to Cloud platform service (Azure, AWS) and Big data analysis using R, Python and cloud/machine learning

Industry Practice Lesson

A class to learn the practical content of the industry-request corresponding to each course. Living lab. & hands-on learning to be used directly by associated companies


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