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Growing with people and cities

Busan Smart City

Eco Delta City in Busan

New Smart Growth City Core Values

As a smart city state pilot city, it will guarantee sustainable life of future generations, maximize social public interest value, and realize ‘Smart Life, Smart Link and Smart Place’ that will become models for future cities.

Smart Life for Future

A Space Model of Sustainable Smart City to Respond to Future Problems, including the 4IR, Aging, and Lack of Jobs

Smart Link for Sharing

 The public value of nature is shared by all citizens by conservation & efficient use

Smart Place for Everyone

Citizens enjoy the benefits that cities offer fairly as an inclusive city, no distinction between classes

4IR (Fourth Industrial Revolution)

Due to the innovative technology of the 4 IR, the social structure is changing into a super-intelligent, virtualized, hyper-connected society.

Smart City Technologies & Policy in Korea

Government innovative growth industry: DNA

  • Leading innovative growth and spreading convergence by building a DNA (Data-Network-AI)
  • DNA: data, network, and artificial intelligence (AI)
    • Activating the data industry, which is a key resource in the era of the 4th industrial revolution,
    • Establishing a hyper-connected intelligent network such as 5G (5G) mobile communication,
    • Securing the competitiveness of intelligent technologies such as artificial intelligence
  • Focusing on the leading business of ‘super-connected intelligence’

Digital New Deal Policy in KOREA

  • 2021 Digital New Deal 4 major fields
    • D.N.A. Strengthening the ecosystem
    • Digital transformation of education infrastructure
    • Fostering non-face-to-face industries
    • SOC digitalization
  • In the future, we plan to continuously strengthen our hyper-connected intelligent DNA capabilities to realize a smart world and strive for the people-oriented 4th Industrial Revolution where the benefits of innovative growth will spread to all.