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Living Lab

What is Living Lab?

A Living Lab is an user-driven open innovative model where civic society, private companies and research institutions cooperate to solve problems by utilizing IT Tech such as BigData, Cloud, IoT, mobile in a certain region or area.

Living Lab Blueprint

  • Situation-aware evacuation information system
  • Health and safety risk monitoring for the elderly living alone, using IoT biosensor
  • Low power safety supplement system providing environment and location data in tunnels
  • Sensor-based wearable child-protection devices
  • A.I connected a smart fire extinguisher
  • Remote care IoT speaker for seniors and elderly living solo
  • Smart streetlights
  • IoT security test-bed
  • Public-participation home security system package using hardware password authentication module
  • BEMS (Building Energy Management System)
  • Smart store energy management
  • Development of energy independent urban smart farm service
  • Smart Factory
  • Intergrated IoT Gateway for decision making in logistics distribution business
  • LoRa-based portable mesh gateway for IoT communication in confined work spaces
  • IoT sensor-based environtment monitoring system and integrated control system
  • Smart monitoring of industrial environtments based on IoT and analytical algorithms
  • LTE-M marine smart buoys and systems
  • Mobile landing platform for wired drones
  • Smart aquaculture system for high value-added unattached oysters, based on aquaculture history managemen
  • Smart nurseless ward
  • Smart service solution development
  • Domestic & overseas film market support & convergence content creation
  • Testing of a situation-aware smart home service
  • AR Emotional Contents Creation in Gamecheon Cultural Village (linked with urban regeneration)
  • IoT temperature-sensore-based service for body temperature data collection & analysis
    Customized exercise prescription service using ICT indoor exercise equipment
    VR (virtual reality) content for long-term elderly inpatients
    G.I. Trainer-silver training equipment for Dementia Symptom Relief
    Smart Healthcare System
    Patient urine status analysis & monitoring device
  • Smart tolling system
  • CCTV video analytics for traffic data collection & alternative route info
    Smart crosswalks
    Enhanced image-based smart parking service
    Pedestrian-responsive smart directional information signage service

BNoLL (Busan network of Living Lab)

Framework of Busan LL. Main task of Busan LL is to support demonstration, commercialization, and marketing. LL center manage 10 on-site LL located separately.

Busan Living Lab Programs

Living Lab Operation

Intergrated Monitoring & Operating of Six Living Labs in Busan

– IoT Living Lab Operation
– Operating Six Living Labs in the Six Fields

Support fot Promoting/Exhibiting Outcomes of Living Labs
– Promoting Excelent Solutions for Smart City / IoT Via Exhibitions Home and Abroad.

Living Lab Development Lab

Living Lab Development Open Space

– Providing various sensors such as Raspberry Pi, Arduino and IoT development platform of Busan
– Support for making mock-ups in cooperations with a prototype development lab
– Providing education for developers and a networking space for exchange

Living Lab Education

IoT Development Platform-based Living Lab Education of Busan
– Training on Sensor-based H/W
– Support for IoT development Playform Education
– Living Lab Infra-based App Development Edication
* Cooperation with Specialized High School & University for Education


Busan Network of Living Labs

– Support for Promoting Exchange between Living Lab Experts
– Support for Building Citizen-participatory IoT Development Environment Infra & Testing
– Fostering Competent Samll Companies through Expansion of Domestic & Foreign Market Testing & Exchange

BNoLL cooperates with ENoLL to share and exchange information

We kindly invite you to submit your application for membership to join our community of open innovation actors!