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Data Science is a science that is on the rise in 2021. Technological developments that continue to be increasingly sophisticated have made Data Science activists much sought after by companies. Not only for processing data, this knowledge can also provide a good basis for creating business strategies that are in accordance with the conditions in the field.

Data Science is a source of knowledge from the development of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 era. A data scientist has a big hand in enhancing existing innovations, but there are still many people who have not entered the profession that is considered excellent for most companies. The rise of companies using the concept of industry 4.0 by utilizing Big Data and Data Science to perform data analysis or predict future business developments.

To learn Data Science you are not required to take a formal education, you can start self-taught but of course you need a high learning spirit and also never give up to understand Data Science. Data Science is also closely related to mathematics and statistics is needed to practice your logic and also your analysis in a data.

1. Participate in Finding Innovation

A Data Scientist is very attached to the name of innovation. Many technologies exist thanks to Data Science. In this era, data has become a valuable new asset for companies or organizations. By utilizing accurate data, companies can save on budgets and make decisions that are in accordance with the company’s target market. The more data scientists there are automatically the more competition. Competition is very important for an industry, healthy competition will have a positive impact on society because there will be more and more fresh ideas and also improve existing technology.

With accurate data, Data Scientist can also prepare innovations that are needed by the community. For example, Chat Bot, Chat bot is the result of combining Ai with machine learning so that it can respond according to what consumers ask so that common questions can be answered quickly without having to make consumers wait long.

Artificial intelligence or better known as artificial intelligence (AI) is a machine programmed to think like humans or their actions. AI itself was created in 1956, although it is only 65 years old but AI is highly developed due to the volume of data, advanced algorithms, and increased computing power and storage.

The following are the benefits provided by using AI technology:

  • Minimizing Errors
    AI is able to work with a high degree of accuracy, and is consistent. This of course will minimize mistakes that are usually made by humans. AI can also study large amounts of data to make the best decisions. Therefore, its use can take action in order to minimize the risk of loss.
  • Speed Up Time at Work
    In the AI process there are terms learning, reasoning and self-correction. These three points will make artificial intelligence have broad knowledge. So, artificial intelligence can get the job done faster.

Doing Human Tasks
If your house carries the concept of a smart home, Google and Alexa are an important component, they are assigned as your personal assistant. Simply give the Ok Google command to activate it then give a command like “Turn off the light” and tadaaaaa your lights will be turned off by Google.

2. Employment is Increasing Every Year

The need for the data scientist profession is always increasing every year. The IBM survey noted that there was at least an increase in the need for 364,000 data scientists to 2,720,000 worldwide at the opening of 2020. This is inversely proportional to the number of data scientists in Indonesia.

There are many reasons why in Indonesia there are still few who study data, but at times like this the land is a golden opportunity to pursue a career as a Data Scientist, where you can do internships or work in small/or large companies to gain experience. Companies will find it difficult not to accept you as a Data Scientist because this profession is a profession that is sought after by companies but its human resources are still very limited.

In fact, because of the scarcity of professional activists, companies are willing to increase salaries quite significantly as a lure for prospective Data Scientists to be willing to join their companies. Although many companies are looking for, companies also conduct a fairly strict selection for the recruitment process, so you still have to hone the skills that distinguish you from other Data Scientists.

3. Attractive Salary

Over the past few years, various areas of life globally have begun to shift towards data technology. Some of them are able to develop rapidly and significantly, such as Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Data Science. Talking about Data Science, this profession has great job prospects with promising salary offers. Based on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the opportunity for the Data Scientist profession is projected to grow by 14% in 2028.

PHI-Integration research shows that the salary of the Data Scientist profession for fresh graduates has reached around Rp. 12-15 million, then for professionals themselves get more than Rp. 20 million. Of course, being a Data Scientist also has responsibilities that are equal to the salary. Data Scientist is in charge of processing large amounts of data or known as Big Data which can accommodate data up to more than 1 zettabyte or the equivalent of 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 bytes. Not only that, you can also make decisions based on big data analysis to determine what strategy the company should use.

Based on the data published by Towards Data Science, a Data Scientist is in charge of writing data that can be used for various purposes, including:

  • Provide an assessment of the company’s performance
  • Solve various problems that are happening
  • Improve customer experience
  • Understand trends, market conditions and competition

And others

Develop Skills and Knowledge About Data Science with DQLab

Even though it’s a pandemic and you can’t go anywhere, you can develop your skills and build your career now with DQLab online learning platform! Many facilities are provided by DQLab for you.

  • Quiz, DQLab itself provides quizzes that can be accessed to test how well you understand the material presented. With this Quiz you can also see how good you are at doing data analysis.
  • Sign Up and get a Free Module, sign up for a FREE “Introduction to Data Science” module. This module is available in R and Python. These two programming languages ​​are the most widely used languages.
  • Live Code Editor, with a live code editor for you to learn and apply it in practice in real time. There is a timer that can keep you from being idle for 30 minutes from the start of the session. This feature is used as a system protection mechanism in learning sessions in DQLab and ensures the security of user data
  • Certificate, by taking a certificate makes you more proficient in the field you take. After you successfully complete the modules in DQLab you will get a “Certificate of Completion”. With this you are one step ahead of becoming a data practitioner.

By Yohanes Ricky Wijaya & Annissa Widya Davita




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