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Want to feel the excitement of making your own news coverage and becoming a news anchor who appears on television? If yes, majoring in journalism is the answer! This department not only learns theory but you also practice journalism while studying, for example making hard news, writing feature articles, making television and radio programs, and doing live reports like reporters in real media.

But, what do you learn in the journalism department and what are the job opportunities after graduation? Here it is in full!

Why Journalism?

The world of journalism is growing rapidly, especially with the emergence of new forms of journalism, such as drone journalism (journalism using drones), virtual reality journalism (360-degree journalism), mobile journalism (journalism using social media), and data journalism.

This is also coupled with the growing development of existing conventional journalism, be it print media, broadcast media, and online media. There are many forms of journalism and it is not only focused on writing news, so that journalism majors are sought after by prospective students.

What do you study in Journalism?

Lots! Starting from introductory journalism courses, then the history of journalism, the language of journalism and also the ethics of mass media. It’s just an introductory course.

After that, you will also start learning more specific things about the world of journalism, such as news writing courses, then feature writing, basic television and radio journalism, then interview and live report courses, and many other courses. no less exciting!

It’s a lot, but it must be lived, so that later when you enter the media you won’t be clumsy with the world of journalism!

Should you be majoring in Social Science Class?

You don’t have to, even though this is intended for prospective students majoring in Social Studies. There are several journalism students majoring in Science in SMA. This department does not have too many arithmetic courses.

Job prospects for Journalism graduates

Lots! Starting from working as a reporter to becoming an AE (Advertising Editorial) Media. In addition, you can also become a mass media observer and freelancer journalist.

Do not hesitate anymore! Studying in this department is guaranteed to be fun and also has many benefits.


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