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Tangerang – Data Science is not only about Python, R, and SQL, but spreadsheet technology is also often used in the data world. More and more companies are in need of talent with basic qualifications to master excel. Through a mini Bootcamp, DQLab held a live session on the relationship between excel and data science which was conducted online, Monday, December 13, 2021. Invited speaker Yunika Laurensia as a Data Analyst at one of the largest Tech Companies in Indonesia as well as a Member and Alumnus of DQLab.

Starting the discussion on the relationship between excel and data science, Yunika said that Excel is a spreadsheet product owned by Microsoft. Similar to Google Sheets, both are the same as spreadsheets but have some differences in the application base.

For Yunika, spreadsheets have played an important role in her career as a Data Analyst. According to him, spreadsheets are easy to use to complete simple analyses. He started studying spreadsheets in depth early in his career using the learning by doing method.

Then proceed with a discussion of the differences between Excel Spreadsheet and Google Spreadsheet. Yurika herself uses Google Sheets more often because the sharing feature in this application makes it easier for her to discuss by giving access to her work partners. Excel also has this kind of feature for collaborating, like Microsoft One Drive or Microsoft Teams. However, for now it is still quite rarely used.

In addition, according to Yurika when using Google Sheets everyone will use the same version. However, in Excel that has several versions such as Excel 2007, Excel 2010, and so on, not everyone has the same version. This affects the use of functions and formulas.

“In Google Sheet itself, there are many add-ons that can make our work easier, for example, I use BigQuery every day. That Google Sheet supports integration into google BigQuery directly. So I don’t need to download the query results, but they can be integrated directly or automatically moved to Google Sheets. So it’s enough to summarize the time” said Yunika

Spreadsheets really help Yunika in her work as a Data Analyst who helps a Digital Marketing Specialist, many of her daily work can be done simply by using a spreadsheet. For him, sometimes there are simple tasks that don’t really require complex data processing tools, such as R or Python.

“This simple task, if done with a spreadsheet, will be easier because it is enough to just click a link, while in R or Python it takes more effort to code,” added Yunika.

Closing the boot camp session this time, Yunika gave one tip to learn spreadsheets first before entering the world of data science. An advantage in itself if you can master spreadsheets before jumping directly into the data industry.

There are various ways to learn Excel using the learning by doing method, one of which is through DQLab.id

by Annissa Widya | DQLab


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