4IR Technical Center

UMN has a Computer Engineering study program that is no less competitive with other campuses. This study program is quite popular with prospective students. Of course, the success of a study program on a campus can be seen through alumni who have successfully completed their education at UMN.

As one of the alumni of UMN who has completed her education at UMN, Felicia Karissa Vincentio admitted that her studies during college guided her career.

“There are many things I learned during college that guided my career. Especially the basic things that I can develop for the next level. I also got critical thinking, leadership, and mental strength to deal with pressure during college, making me ready to be in the world of work. Lecturers are also supportive of students’ wishes and support their entry into academia and industry.” said Felicia who now works as a data scientist at a well-known company, namely JULO and as a Researcher for Indo Benchmark.


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