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Emphasizing on the management aspect of the latest innovation and technology combined with the entrepreneurial aspect, Multimedia Nusantara University comes with the Master of Technology Management (MMT) program. To produce internationally minded graduates who are competent in the field of Information and Communication Technology (ICT)-based technology management, emphasizing theoretical and applicable mastery through an interdisciplinary approach.

MMT UMN produces graduates as Business Development Executives, Digital Transformation Specialists, Technopreneurs, Technology Innovators, Technology Strategists. This Masters Program is the only MMT study program in Indonesia that emphasizes aspects of innovation and the latest technology in the field of management combined with entrepreneurial aspects.

Supported by UMN’s Tech Incubator Business, Skystar Ventures, which won the best incubator award for the category of mentoring and mentoring tenants since 2016 from the Ministry of Research and Technology accredited as the best technology business incubator in Indonesia from the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education.

Being a study program at the Business Faculty of UMN that succeeded in realizing a World Class University in 2021, was officially accepted as a Global European Foundation Management Development (EFMD) Member.

Not only that, UMN collaborates with industry and is supported by professional and competent teaching staff in their fields, according to the topics taught, including Samsung Research Center, PayFazz, GoJek, Tokopedia, Bukalapak, AWS Educate, and so on.

There is debriefing provided through a technology-based teaching system using collaborative learning and blended learning methods, students can discuss, work together, and build good work teams and also a teaching system using lecturer exchanges from universities at home and abroad. The final project that students get focuses on digitalization projects, business model validation, and business acceleration and applied research.

As an alumni of MMT Batch 2 in 2020, CM Fitriani who works as General Manager of Enterprise Solutions in IT & IS at the Kompas Gramedia company said that the material provided while at UMN was interesting and according to the needs of the industry.

“Lecture materials at MMT UMN are very interesting and in accordance with industry needs. Professional teaching staff who have experience working in the business world or an entrepreneur who are relevant to the lecture material make it easier for us to understand the lecture material and can add insight in the real world. ” said Fitriani.

Fitriani’s experience proves that the Master of Technology Management program at UMN prepares its graduates with competent insight.


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