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Information System which is a combination of information technology science and business management. Multimedia Nusantara University has an Information Systems Study Program, where students will learn how to create and build a system that can be used by companies in managing a business. The Information Systems Study Program at UMN is a place for students to learn information management which can then be used to design a system that is useful for human activities.

The focus of the UMN Information System is Mahadata, so there are several specializations that students can choose to study in depth including Big Data Specialist, IT Governance Specialist, Enterprise Resource Planning Specialist, and Database Specialist. Supported by lecturers who are experts in their fields and also various facilities to support the student learning process.

UMN Information Systems students will have the opportunity to get two international certifications, namely the Data Visualization certificate and the Data Modeling certificate which will be very useful for students in the world of work.

As an alumni, Clara Tania shared her experience with UMN while studying Information Systems at UMN. Clara Tania is a 2016 student who has successfully completed her education.

“Information systems is a department with a complete package, starting from learning business processes, managing projects, coding programs, law, and even communication science as well. This makes graduates suitable to work anywhere. Coding and web development support my work as a UX Engineer, Business-IT knowledge is also useful for surviving in an e-commerce environment. Outside of the classroom, the organization also adds soft skills for communication and time management.” said Clara.

Currently, Clara works as an Associate UX Engineer at Blibli. This proves that the provisions he has while studying at UMN, such as from the learning process at the Information Systems Study Program at UMN and organizations at UMN can add soft skill experience to be applied in the world of work.


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