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The Physics Engineering Study Program at Multimedia Nusantara University is here to become a forum for students to develop the application of physics in the use of energy to face future industries. Combined with basic sciences including mathematics, physics, and chemistry students will learn the application of physics in using and utilizing energy in everyday life.

UMN Physics Engineering students are supported by facilities and infrastructure that really support learning during lectures, one of which is the New Media Tower and P.K. Ojong Jakob Oetama Tower UMN. Both buildings have received predicate and awards as energy efficient buildings nationally and internationally. In the use of energy in a building, the building is ideal for students of Engineering Physics at UMN to study directly on energy efficient use. Various laboratory facilities are also provided by UMN to support students in understanding learners, so that there is a balance between theory and practice obtained.

Princess Nabilla Adzani Tupan, an alumnus of UMN Physics Engineering class 2016 shared a little story about her experience while studying at UMN.

“The basics of engineering that I learned during college made it easy for me to adapt to the work environment. The energy management and project management I studied were closely related to my job. Hard skills and soft skills became important points in my process at UMN which made me ready to work. This happens because it is supported by professional teachers, up to date curriculum, and lab facilities that support learning.” Princess said.

Currently, Princess works as a Project Manager at PT Pratama Abadi Industri (Nike Footwear Factory). This proves that the provisions he has while studying at UMN can be applied in the world of work.


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