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This one department can be said to be full of smart children. However, on the other hand, there are also many who think that the Informatics Engineering major is a warehouse for poor kids. Is that right? For you Informatics Engineering students, at least the following 6 things are often associated with your life. Do you have any of the following characteristics?

1. Informatics Engineering Students Can Always Find A Way Out
Creating a program or application is not as easy as turning the palm of the hand. The existence of an error that makes the program stagnate is a daily meal. But this doesn’t discourage you. Your persistence to find errors in coding and make it run perfectly makes you a person who never gives up looking for solutions.

2. Informatics Engineering Students Can’t Be Separated from Their Laptops
For you, a laptop is an inseparable soulmate. How not, all tasks and even favorite games are there. It seems impossible for you to be separated from this thing. It’s not even uncommon for your boyfriend to be jealous because you pay more attention to your laptop than him.

3. Informatics Engineering Students Are Stiff and Less Sociable
Maybe because they always do assignments in front of their laptop and rarely communicate with other people, it’s no wonder that Informatics Engineering students are often labeled as people who are not very sociable and quiet. In fact, there are also Informatics Engineering students who are good at public speaking and can even become successful CEOs like the founder of Tokopedia, William Tanuwijaya.

4. Ordinary Informatics Engineering Students Appear As It Is
Or you could say less attention to appearance. Outward appearance is not everything for you. It’s no wonder that many Informatics Engineering students look sloppy because they don’t have much time to take care of themselves.

5. Informatics Engineering Students Are Very Up-to-date with Technological Developments
Entering this department requires you to always be updated with the times, especially technological developments. No wonder, you always update the knowledge you have so that it doesn’t go out of style.

6. Informatics Engineering Students Have Very Wide Job Opportunities
You could say this major is a major that is needed in the present and in the future. All companies need skilled workers in this field. Therefore, it is not surprising that Informatics Engineering students have enormous job opportunities after graduating from college. Therefore, there are also many prospective in-laws who want a son-in-law who comes from this department. The future is definitely quite bright, really.


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