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Tangerang – The increasing interest of prospective data talents in studying Data Science is seen by the holding of a Data Science Mini Bootcamp by DQLab. The Mini Bootcamp was held online, Monday 15 November 2021. Bringing the main material on Introduction to Data Science, DQLab invited Made Krisna Jaya as a Data Analyst at PT Sinar Mas Agri Research and Technology. Through this event, the speaker was able to know that the majority of the participants were students and had not yet engaged in the field of Data Science.

Explaining the material about the introduction of Data Science, Krisna started the material by giving examples of the use of applications that are often used today such as Gojek, Tokopedia, Tiktok, Instagram and so on.

“Imagine how many users from that 1 application, resulting in a lot of recorded data from that 1 application. If you use conventional methods, you are definitely less qualified to analyze or process so much data (Big Data). This is where the role of a Data Science is, how can we use the big data, so as to produce conclusions or insights for problem solving in the company,” said Krisna

Introducing Data Science, related skills and roles, Krisna said the main thing that needs to be understood from Data Science is how to make an impact for the company. The impact can be in the form of recommendations, products or insights, so that the company can grow. The essence of Data Science is problem solving. Furthermore, at this Mini Bootcamp, Krisna also conveyed the top 10 Data Science skills (Dr. AngShuMan Ghosh), but there are very important main skills, namely problem solving skills and domain knowledge.

“The most important thing for a data scientist is his problem solving ability and domain knowledge. We have to understand what is being done, understand the industry, understand what the problem is and understand the proposal for solving the problem,” said Krisna

In addition, Krisna provides 3 ways to learn Data Science. First, be active in the Data Science community. He said, by being active in the community, participants will have the opportunity to have discussions, find fellow Data Science activists and a lot of knowledge that can be obtained when active in the Data Science discussion forum. Second, access to Data Science on the internet. Finally, when studying Data Science, participants must have a learning track. The learning track is very important to be able to help participants learn Data Science in a directed manner from fundamentals to masters.

“You can use DQLab, there are learning career tracks like Data Analyst and I think it’s really complete. So friends, you can follow the learning track, study there and don’t have to worry here and there. Don’t forget to keep exploring,” added Krisna

In closing, Krisna revealed that the most important thing in a career is how a person becomes a relentless learner, thirsty for knowledge and never satisfied with what is learned. The more we delve into Data Science, the more we will realize that there are many things that need to be learned to become a career in Data Science.

Knowledge, skills and information about the role of Data Science are mandatory to know and learn for a career in Data Science. Hone the skills and increase the knowledge needed by starting to study in Data Science and join the DQLab Mini Bootcamp!

Registration Link: https://bit.ly/dqlabminibootcamp

By Theresia & Annissa Widya 


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