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When you are faced with a lot of choices, starting from simple matters such as “Just eat rice or bread, okay?” or “What are you wearing tonight to go out with him?” to choices that make you think hard, such as “This campus has just been established, but what about the facilities? ”, “It looks like this is a new campus, is the major in college okay?”, to “After college, where will I work?”, maybe you will be very confused in determining the choice of college major and field of work later.

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So that’s why, in this article, DepartemenKuliah.id will reveal 5 reasons why you should choose UMN as your favorite campus.. Let’s see the following article..

  1. New campus, are the facilities complete? Wow, don’t misjudge the UMN campus first. Although the UMN campus has only been established since 2007, the facilities are really good, and these facilities can be used to support your lectures. One of the facilities is a TV lab, Greenscreen, a computer lab devoted to each department, and many more.
  2. Are the lecturers good? It’s possible that the lecturers are fake. The lecturers at the UMN campus are not all academics, but many are practitioners. Well, these practitioners usually already have their own companies, so it can be said that they are very experts in their respective fields, and the lecturers at UMN are also graduates from public and private universities whose quality has been proven.
  3. How’s the study program? The study programs at UMN all have accreditation, starting from the Visual Communication Design, Film and Animation study programs, Communication Studies, Juralistics, Informatics Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Engineering Physics, Information Systems, Computer Systems, Hospitality to Management and Accounting majors.
  4. Ah, it’s been good but the location is not supportive, places to eat are far away, not safe, blah blah blah. UMN provides dormitory at affordable prices with really good facilities, ranging from private bathrooms, air conditioning, wifi, tv, pantry, laundry facilities, and many other facilities. In addition, if you don’t want to bring a vehicle, you can go to the shuttle bus provided at Gading Serpong housing and the shuttle bus provided by UMN for free. There are also many boarding houses with complete facilities around UMN.
  5. Is it seniority? Later on, they will be bullied again by their classmates. Bhinnekka Tunggal Ika – although different, they are still one. Seniority? Ospek was beaten by a classmate? It is guaranteed that there are no such things at UMN. On the contrary, at UMN we all mingle with each other, if you don’t believe it, let’s try to come to UMN and see the reality for yourself.

So, you know why you have to make Multimedia Nusantara University (UMN) your favorite campus? And one more thing, at UMN there are many very good places for photos, so for those of you who like photography, it’s definitely suitable for studying at UMN.


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