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For those of you who want to stay up-to-date with technological developments but also want to hone your skills in processing information, it seems, the Information Systems major is the right major for you. This course invites you to combine skills in the fields of business analysis, management and information technology. As a result, you will not only understand about programming but also the business aspects of the client and the company. Cool, right?

Then, what will you learn in the Information Systems major and what are the job opportunities in this department? Come on, find out.

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Why Information Systems?

Because the information that is processed in today’s era is very powerful and sought after by many companies

It is undeniable that in the world of advanced technology like now, there is a lot of information scattered around. This information, when used properly, can have immense power to help in many aspects of a business. For example, if you work as an insurance agent. Then, how can you sell the right product to the people you will prospect? Information is key. When you know his age, habits, and income, then you can immediately present the right product for him.

That is why the ability to process information is what makes you, an Information Systems student, an ability that is much sought after in the workforce.

What do you study in Information Systems?

Lots! At the beginning of college, there will be many introductory courses that prepare you to become a true Information Systems child. For example, the basic concepts of data, information and information systems. Then, you will also be prepared with knowledge of hardware, software, networks, and various other things that support your knowledge in the field of information systems. You also learn about business, accounting, statistics, management, project management, algorithms, programming, user interface, English, and character building.

It looks like a lot but all of this will make you understand and understand all aspects in the field of Information Systems.

Must be from the Department of Natural Science Class?

Unlike his classmates, majoring in Informatics and Computer Systems Engineering, which requires students to come from high school with a MIPA or SMK study program that smells of Computer or Network Engineering, Information Systems are much more flexible. You who come from high school with a major in Social Sciences (IIS) can also experience the fun of learning programming while digging deeper into the business side and technology management.

Job Prospects for Information Systems Graduates

Graduating from this one major makes you have broad job prospects with a salary that is quite tempting. You can work as managers, entrepreneurs, consultants, academics and IT professionals such as IT managers, IT project managers, ERP consultants, systems analysts, systems programmers, systems administrators, security administrators, quality assurance and IT auditors in various industries of banking, finance, insurance. , manufacturing, retail, education, public service, government, research, and more.

So don’t you hesitate to enter this major.


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