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5 Reasons Why You Should Choose This Major

Choosing a college major is not an easy matter because this of course will also have an impact on your work in the future. The major you choose will not only be determined by the size of the job opportunity when you graduate, but also in terms of compatibility with your passion and talent.

Well, one of the promising study programs is Informatics Engineering. In this era of rapid technological development, of course, graduates of Informatics Engineering are highly sought after. In addition, there are many other factors that make this major a promising choice. Anything?

  1. Up-to-date with Technological Developments
    One of the plus points for those of you who study majoring in Informatics Engineering is that you are very abreast of technological developments that occurred at that time. In addition, you can also predict the trend of technological developments in the future. No wonder this will be the key to success that supports your work later.
  2. You Can Create Software and Mobile Apps That the Public Wants
    Who doesn’t know the Uber, Gojek, or Grab applications? Thanks to these mobile apps, many people are helped in reducing their time to find the best mode of transportation for them. As a result, many other brands have finally created their own online applications to popularize their products and services. Then, who are the people who can make applications and software like this? Who else if not a graduate of Informatics Engineering. By taking this course, you will learn how to make applications and software that are user friendly and answer the needs of many people.
  3. Smarter than Hackers in Securing Network
    For large companies such as banking that need security in their online banking network, they certainly need people who are experts in securing the network. Because, wrongly, customer data can be broken into by clever and clever hackers. It takes people who understand the mindset of hackers to be able to overcome the mischief of these hackers. Now, for example, in the Network Security specialization in the Department of Informatics, one of the private universities accredited by institution A, Multimedia Nusantara University, Informatics Engineering students will be taught ways to create a system so that a company’s network and data are safe and difficult to break into. hackers. Interested in becoming one of the graduates of Informatics Engineering?
  4. Wide Open Job Opportunity
    There is no company that does not use information technology products in running its business. Therefore, Informatics Engineering graduates are highly sought after to provide solutions and innovations related to their field of expertise in the field of information technology.
  5. The opportunity to have a start-up in the field of information technology is wide open
    For those of you who are Informatics Engineering students with a high entrepreneurial spirit, don’t be afraid you can only become workers. You can also open a service to become a consultant in the IT field or open your own company or start-up. Because you already understand how to develop software and explore the field of information technology during college, you just need to hone your soul and business skills and don’t be afraid to become a technopreneur.


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