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Are you still confused about what major to enter after graduating from high school? Have an interest in media? Do you like writing too? Well, it’s very fitting if you choose Journalism major at Multimedia Nusantara University (UMN).

In the Journalism department of UMN, you will learn and sharpen your skills in terms of writing, making news, using media tools, arranging events for a program, broadcasting on radio, broadcasting on television and many others. Very suitable for those of you who like to write, take photos, videos, or create other journalistic works to be developed and distributed.

Don’t worry, you will be taught by skilled lecturers and practitioners who have experience in media and journalism. No less updated with today’s young people, lecturers at UMN also follow the development of today’s young people. So that it can adapt to the students being taught and can create a fun teaching-learning atmosphere.

As a prospective worker in the media after graduation, UMN prepares its students to experience being a real journalist by teaching, providing field work as a journalist through an internship program which is a compulsory subject, and being asked to create a media-based work.

Not a few students whose works have been published successfully in conventional and online media. This is one of the appreciations given by media companies to someone’s writing that deserves to be displayed in the media.


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