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The UMN Electrical Engineering study program is not inferior to other UMN study programs. The special laboratory for the Electrical Engineering study program is also complete with various support for student practice.

The Electrical Engineering Study Program focuses on industrial automation which is used to help run production processes that cannot be handled by humans. Through the application of mechanical, electronic, and computer-based systems so that the control and control processes will be carried out using machines or robots. This is adjusted to technological developments in the industrial era 4.0, so that students are able to face industrial developments that are increasingly advanced from time to time.

There is a competency certification that UMN Electrical Engineering students can participate in, namely the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) who will later get the Certified PLC Maintenance Technician from TUV Rheinland Certified Qualification.

The UMN Electrical Engineering Study Program also collaborates with several overseas universities, namely Silla University, Swinburne University of Technology, Technische Universitat Munich, Nanyang Polytechnic, Liverpool John Moores University, Rheinische Fachhnochschule Koln, FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences, Dankook University, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Lunds Universitet, Tokyo University of Technology, University of Technology Sydney.

Not only that, UMN Electrical Engineering is associated with the Kompas Gramedia Group as a large media company and partners with several companies, such as Schneider Electric, Google, Microsoft, Cisco, Festo, UNDP, and SAP.

Sandy Prawira, an alumnus of the 2016 electrical engineering study program who now works as Deputy Admission and Logistics Person in Charge at PT Bintang Agneta Indonesia, said that, “Initially I was blind to the engineering world, but after receiving guidance and support from UMN I finally understood. This is also supported by adequate laboratory facilities for four years of study at UMN. So, after entering the world of work, I can immediately apply what I have learned.”

Directing prospective students from beginning to end is the responsibility of every campus. UMN is fully responsible for guiding its students to understand what they are learning.


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